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Closing an action
Closing an action

Step by Step: How to close out an action

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How to closing an action in Donesafe

The easiest way to close an action from your device can be completed by following the below steps -

From your dashboard view, head to the left hand side and select the actions icon. 

Use the filters at the top of your account, there are 3 in total - from left to right -

- Ensure this is set to 'My Actions'

- Filter to how you wish to see your actions - 

Due Within A Week
Due Today
Due Within A Month
Due Anytime

- Thirdly, choose Open from the list as you will want to see all Open actions in order to close them off. 

Once you have selected the filter types, all your open actions will be listed out. 

In order to close an action, there are two options - 

Option One -
Click the circle icon to the left of the action row. This will automatically close off the action. If a comment is required, a box will appear type in your completion comment and hit save. 

Option Two -
Select the description text, a box will open, add a comment if required and select 'Mark as done'. 

You're all done, it's that easy!

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