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How do I activate my account?
How do I activate my account?

Can't reset password? Try resending a Welcome Email

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Please note: This can be completed by Admins only. If you do not have admin rights, contact a senior member of your team/organization to action this on your behalf.

Step by Step: How to resend a welcome email?

Head to the top right hand corner of your Donesafe account. Click on the circular icon with your initials in. 

Select settings

Select users

In the 'Search users:' field - Type the individuals name who requires their welcome email to be resent. Once you have their details. 

Under the 'Account' column, select 'Resend Welcome Email'. 

An 'Are you sure?' confirmation box with appear, select OK.

Once you have completed all steps, you're done. It's that easy!

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