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I forgot OR want to reset my password
I forgot OR want to reset my password

User unable to reset password / How to relocate the password reset button / How to reset my password

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If a user is struggling to locate the password reset button on the login page, you can cut out a step and send them straight to the password reset page. 

Send them here:

So for example, if your account is 'Widgets' this can be found at You'd send them to

This will show them the following dialogue box: 

Instruct them to include their email address and click the 'Send me reset password instructions' button (pictured above). This will send them a password reset email, allowing them to set it up themselves. 

You can also watch a video tutorial here: Resetting your password in Donesafe 

NOTE: If they get an error when doing this, it means that either 

  1. They don't have an account.

  2. They're typing in their email incorrectly.

  3. Their email is in the system incorrectly.

  4. The capitalisation of their email does not match with the capitalisation of the username in Donesafe. 

Be aware that Donesafe treats emails as usernames, so the capitalisation does need to match. 

If you still run into trouble after following these steps, feel free to contact support. Support icon can be found in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 

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