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What to do if my SCORM course isn't working
What to do if my SCORM course isn't working

My SCORM course isn't working, what do I do?

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If you're experiencing issues with SCORM files, the troubleshooting process is as follows:

  1. Test the SCORM file at either (simple) or (advanced)FAIL: If the file has issues, resolve them and repeat Step 1.PASS: If the file has no issues proceed to Step 2.

  2. Re-Upload and Test the file on your Donesafe account. Be certain to test with newly created records.FAIL: Proceed to Step 3PASS:  If the file has no issues, then your problem is Resolved!

  3. Contact Donesafe Support and provide all test results from to verify the file has passed testing.

Why all these steps? Can't you just help me?

SCORM files, in many ways, are mini programs in and of themselves. As we have no control over how that program was created, we're not in a position to resolves issues with them unless the files themselves have already been shown to be without issue. Therefore, before we're able to run internal troubleshooting with SCORM files, the file itself will need to be tested externally.

We apologise for this added step with problem resolution for SCORM files; but we're unable to resolve issues with SCORM management until it is confirmed that the SCORM files themselves are operating without error. Similarly, if they are running with errors as a result of the SCORM course itself, it is not something that we will be able to resolve. You will need to contact the course creator in order to resolve the issue.

Where do I go to Test SCORM files?

  1. Test your SCORM file at (Simple) Go to and set up a free account. If you'd like to know more about testing at, you can read more here: A free account will allow you test files up to 100mb. Upload your file and run it. The testing at does not check for all errors and will attempt to pass most files and provide feedback where necessary. Once you have run your file, have your course designer to review the debug logs for any obvious errors. You can learn more about deciphering the debug logs.

  2. Test your SCORM file using ADL's test suites. (advanced)SCORM cloud recommends that you test your file using ADLS's test suite."ADL produces an official SCORM Conformance Test Suite (CTS). The CTS is the only definitive way to prove that your content is SCORM conformant.ADL's test suite requires software install and you can find the various testing suites here: scroll to the bottom of the page and access the testing suites for your version.

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