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Assigning your first action
Assigning your first action

How to assign your first action

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Donesafe is 100% responsive. This means that no matter what device you're using it on, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can use Donesafe.

Step by step guide on creating an action which includes steps to assign to people for completion. For example, his could be a cleaner, maintenance team, or manager.

The easiest way to add an action from your device can be completed by following the below steps -

Firstly, log into your account, from your dashboard view. Head to the left hand side and select the 'Actions' icon. 

Here you will find a blank 'Add new action' form to complete. Complete the fields in the form, with as much information, as possible. 

The steps below are based on a standard form, however each organization is different and may have additional questions depending on how much information your organization requires. 

IF * appears beside a question, this is a manatory field and requires information before the form can progress to the next steps. An error message will appear if you have information missing. 

Title - Provide a short description of the action required.
Description - Add a little more information on what or why this requires attention and/or any other details
Assigned to - Who the action is to be assigned to in your organization. This will be a drop down list to select a person from your organisation. You can also add an individual here, if they are not present in the list. Select icon and add new contact name.
Due Date - Select a date from the calendar based on the urgency of this action.
Require completion comment? checkbox - If you would like the assigned contact to add a comment upon completion, check this box. 

Once you have completed all fields in the form, hit complete. All done, it's that easy, you've completed your first action!

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