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How to create a record in the mobile app
How to create a record in the mobile app

Step by step: Creating records in the offline mobile app

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Logging into the mobile app

Open up the app - 'Donesafe'

You will be required to log in with your user details:

For example, if your account is 'Widgets' this can be found at

Email address

Once information has been provide for your account, select 'Login' button. 

This is your profile page - here you can see your details, check for updates, and log out.  

Creating your first record in the offline native mobile app 

From your profile page, head to the top left hand arrow icon and select.

This is your dashboard. If this is your first record this will be blank for now with an 'Add new' button in the middle of your screen, select this to begin creating your record.

If you have used the app before your records will be present here. 

Select '+' top right hand corner. 

Here you will find a list of all records that can be completed within the app. An example of these records: Incidents, Hazards, Risk Assessment. 

Select the appropriate record type for your needs, let's use Risk Assessment for this example - 

The form will appear and will look the same or similar to how you would see this on your desktop or other device(s). The information provided will change depending on your organization, read all the information provided on the form and complete the steps.

Name of person completing assessment - Select from the options in the dropdown.
Date/Time - This field will automatically select the date and time when completing the form, however this can be manually changed depending on when the incident happened.  
Location - If your organisation operates in multiple locations, select the correct location for this incident.
Activity / Procedure being assessed - This is free text field, add as much information as possible.
Reason for this risk assessment - This is free text field, add as much information as possible.
Type of risk being assessed? - A dropdown of options will be provided, choose the most accurate to your needs. 

Once completed, select 'Next Section'.

Your record will be listed in your dashboard.

All done. It's that easy!

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