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Printing and Exporting to PDF
Printing and Exporting to PDF
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Using a PDF printer is the easiest way to export to PDF in Donesafe.

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Accessing Print Window and Printing

  • The print tool

  • Browser Print

Printing to PDF on Mac OSX


Printing to PDF on Windows

Accessing Print Window

There are two ways to print in Donesafe.

The Print Tool

The first method of printing in Donesafe is to use the print tool which is shown near the top right of the screen for most records:

Browser Print

Going to File > Print in most browsers will bring up your print dialogue box from which you can print.

In some cases, these two options will give you varying results depending on your browser. For example: Using the browser print tool will allow you to print checklists to completed in the field.

Printing to PDF on Mac OSX

Mac users have it easy. Mac OS comes with an inbuilt PDF printer with can be accessed from all print windows. When printing, look out for the Print/Open/Save to PDF type options.

Printing to PDF on Windows

Printing to PDF on Windows 10 follows a similar process to Mac. Look out for the "Microsoft Print to PDF " option in your print dialogue screen. If you can't see that option available and you are using Windows 10 you may need to enable in your print settings. This process is described in detail here:

If you're using Windows 7 or 8, the process can be trickier. Unless you have Adobe Acrobat installed (which will give you the option to print to Adobe PDF) you will need to download a PDF printer. A PDF printer appears as a printer in your print dialogue box, however when you click print it will instead generate a PDF instead of printing. It's actually a very useful thing to have anyway and might come in handy with other parts of your job.

There are many free PDF printers available online such os doPDF which can fulfil this role. More detail on this process can be found here:

If you don't have administrative rights on your computer or, if your company has restrictions on who can install software or drivers then we recommend you speak to your system administrator regarding having a PDF printer installed on your system.

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