What the different Notifications mean.
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There are three notification settings in the user profiles within Donesafe.

  • Acknowledge Knowledgebase Notification

  • Action Created

  • Action Due Reminder

Each of these behave slightly differently, so let's go over them now.

Note: These settings are available through your Settings -> Users section and are adjustable per user.

Acknowledge Knowledgebase Notification

This setting should only be used for high level admins. For users for whom this is checked, a notification will be sent every time a knowledge base item is acknowledged by anybody within your account. In larger businesses having this setting on could easily get out of hand so it is recommended that it only be used for specific users in businesses with under 100 employees.

Action Created

It is recommended that this setting be on for all employees. If this is turned off, though actions WILL be applied to their account, the user will NOT be notified via email when an action is assigned to them. Be aware though that this setting is off by default for new accounts to allow for setups without notifications being sent out.

Action Due Reminder

It is recommended that this setting be on for all employees. When this is on an email will be sent the morning AFTER an action has been due. It will then be sent every 7 days until that action is marked 'Update and Complete'.

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