Turning On Hazard Duplication

The hazard duplication tool is available by Role, so to enable it for yourself head to Settings > Roles, then click on your Role. Scroll down to ‘Hazard’ and underneath the rule set, tick the “Use Duplicate Hazard” check box and click save. If you do not have administrator access, you may need to discuss this with your administrators.

Duplicating Hazards

  1. Head to hazards and select a hazard that you’d like to duplicate for different areas. In this example I’ve picked one that could easily apply to multiple areas and locations. 
  2. You’ll now see a [Duplicate] button on the top right of the screen.

3. Click the [Duplicate] button

4. In the select box, choose the area/s you'd like to duplicate the hazard to and click [Save]

5. And you're done! As you can see, this hazard has now been duplicated and related to the active record.

Important Notes:

This duplication system duplicates everything in the record except for the ID, created date, location and area: Everything else is copied including the status of actions, controls, risks and workflows. Being this as it is, you may need to put some thought into how you do this.

Things to Consider when using this tool:

  • Will this duplication trigger any automations that you’ve set up AND do you want it to?
  • Do you want the controls to be open or closed when you duplicate? AND are there any controls or risks that you DON’T want to duplicate.
  • The location field will populate with the new locations you selected, however the areas to which those hazards apply will still need to be selected. (the area field is left blank when duplicating). So you’ll need some process around how you want to manage that.

To demonstrate why these considerations are important: One example use case would be relatively simple; click duplicate and you're done.
 Another use case would be to deploy the duplicator then go to each duplicated hazard and assigned the controls to different users as well as set up the areas.

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