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How to export records (and then how to convert them into cells) (Advanced- Admin Only)
How to export records (and then how to convert them into cells) (Advanced- Admin Only)
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At the moment, many records and registers cannot be exported individually. We understand that many clients have need for this functionality so we've implemented a full database export function. Though this isn't a clean solution, it essentially gives you complete access and control over your data. The following instructions show you how to export your data.

Part 1: Download your CSV files.

Go To Settings.

Click on Export your data to CSV

Wait a short while and then check your email to download your CSV collection.

Donesafe will compile your database and then send you a link once it's ready to download.

Once downloaded, locate the CSV for the relevant data and open it.

For example, if you're looking for your plant and equipment register locate the file; plant_registers; and open it.

Part 2: Converting your data into Cells.

When you first download the file it will look something like this:

In order to load the data into an excel spreadsheet in cells, you'll need to run a conversion process first.

Create a new blank workbook.

With your new blank workbook, go to File Import

Select .CSV file and click Import.

Locate the file you'd like to import and click Get Data

NOTE: The file to be imported cannot be open in order for this to work.

Select the Delimited selection box and click Next

De-select the default Delimeters and in the text box next to Other type a bar character: (  |  ) then click Finish

This shows up on different places on different keyboards but can usually be typed by Shift+Backslash. If you have trouble finding it you can copy and past the character between the brackets above.

Click finish when you're done.

Place your data into $A$1 in the existing sheet and click OK.

This will import your data in a spreadsheet.

And you're done! 

Save the file wherever suits you. 

If you still have trouble with this after following each of the steps outlined above, please contact help in Donesafe.

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