Configuring the Visitor App

How to change the look and feel on the Visitor App

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Firstly, to enable the visitor app with donesafe, you will need to contact your account representative at Donesafe or do so via your partner.

Otherwise, other configuration is open to all users.

Changing the Look and Feel

Step 1: Go to settings, and click on 'Visitor Registration App'.

Step 2: Customise your settings!

Setting Acknowledgeable Knowledge Base Articles.

Step 1. Enable your Rights to do so.

Firstly you need to enable your rights to do so by Role. To do this, go to Settings -> Roles -> then find your role and click on it. Scroll down to 'Proceedures' and check 'Use Mandatory for Visit' and click save. This grants you rights to make Knowledge Base Articles mandatory for visitors using the visitor app.

Step 2. Designate articles for Mandatory in Visitor App

Go to your desired knowledge base article/s. Click on the record then click on the grey [Edit] button at the top. With your new right added you should now see an additional check box in the settings for that kb article; [Mandatory for Visit].

Enabling this will make this article mandatory for site visits to the locations to which this article applies.

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