Use Quick User Collections to Target 'The Record's Location'
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Traditionally, User Collections are a library of grouped users that can be called up in various parts of the platform. In Automations however, you can also use a feature called 'Quick User Collection', which allows you to define a user collection on the spot with the added bonus of being able to swap out a set defined location for 'The Record's Location'.

This is potentially a very powerful tool, particularly in larger organisations with complex location structures. It can enable you to target for example, a person or people of a certain role within the location where an incident occurred.

User Collections allow you to automatically bring people into, or alert people of something where otherwise they weren't directly connected with the record. With Quick User Collections you can do this far more targeted by allowing you to use the location of the record as one of the collection criteria. Using this tool, you can automatically get a message to the exact person it needs to in any location with only one automation.

To illustrate, rather than setting up multiple collections for each location Eg, 'Safety Manager Sydney', 'Safety Manager Bourke' etc you can set up an automation that targets 'Safety Managers' in the location of the record.

Creating a 'Quick User Collection'

Creating a 'Quick User Collection' is easy. When you're building an automation, after setting your rules, and choosing what type of event you'd like that rule to trigger, you'll see the 'For Every' field. The steps start there.

  1. In the 'For Every' field, select 'Quick User Collection'

The Quick User Collection option is located at the bottom of the list, below your module specific options and global User Collections.

Once you select it, a rule builder will appear.

2. Define the rules for who you'd like in your user collection.
For example, if you'd like to notify all users who's Role is 'Manager' then simply choose [Role] [Equal] [Manager] (this may change depending on the roles you have set up). 

If you get stuck, make sure to read the documentation if you're unfamiliar with using the rule builder or how user collections work.

That's part one done. If that's all you need to do, then you're done! If however you'd like to refine that down to 'Managers' in the 'Records Location' then continue reading.

Targeting users by the location of the incident

Picking up where we left off, we're going to now add a second rule.

  1. Click the [+Add Rule] button to add a second rule.[Home Location] [Equal] [Record's Location]  ("Record's Location" will appear at the bottom of the list.)

  2. Set the 'AND/OR' builder to 'AND'.Your Quick User collection should now look like this.

And that's it! This automation will now target users with the role "Manager" who's home location is where the record was recorded against. You can also use the 'Active Location' option instead of home location if you just want to alert all managers who are allowed to see that location.

If you use user 'Tags' there's one more neat thing you can do with this tool to target the tag's location based on the location of the record.  To read about that, click here.

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