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How to get live support in Donesafe?
How to get live support in Donesafe?

Can I get live support/help on the platform?

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Getting support in Donesafe is as simple as logging in and asking for it.

Whenever you're logged into Donesafe, simply look to the bottom right of the screen and you'll see it! The support button. Clicking on that will bring up a live chat window with one of our helpful support staff. Live support operates between 8:30am and 5:30pm AEST and even when you're outside of those times, it's still the best place for you and your clients to go for help. Donesafe uses a sophisticated ticketing system to ensure that even if you miss us, you're guaranteed a response.

PLUS, based on what you ask, you may get instantly offered an article that will very likely answer your question.

So next time you hit a wall, remember, support is one click away.

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