Can't close 'Standalone' Action (Ref #128472863)
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Bug Behaviour:

When trying to close off a Standalone action the action screen loads, but doesn't display any content nor can it be closed.

This bug is caused due to some legacy code with standalone actions that causes the action to be linked to the default location in Donesafe (location 1).

The bug can be triggered by one of two behaviours and therefore has two workarounds.

Bug cause and Workaround 1

If the user does not have access to 'Location 1' this can cause them to be unable to view or edit the action. This can be solved either by providing that user to access to location 1 OR by an administrative user WITH access to location 1 closing the action for them.

If that does not work then it is likely to be a result of the second cause of the bug:

Bug cause and Workaround 2
If at any time this location is deactivated; even temporarily; it breaks the relationship with any existing standalone actions causing the record to be uneditable, even if the default location is reactivated. This does not affect any standalone actions created after the location is reactivated; only those created before its deactivation.

Unfortunately, there is no known workaround for this bug.

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