Don't worry! This is what it's supposed to do. Donesafe segregates users by locations for certain modules. For example, in the consultations module, if you hold a meeting in Location A, the users that you can select from as attendees will only be users active in Location A.

Changing the locations that a user is active for is relatively easy. It's a job for administrators though.

1) To do so, go to Settings -> Users, then find the user whom you're trying to add.

2) Click on the "Active Locations Tab".

3) Activate that user for the locations for which they are active and click save.

4) Once you do this, you'll be able to add that user to records pertaining to any area.

The reason for this is to allow segmentation between locations. In some cases such as incidents or hazard reporting, this is not valuable (hence why location based restrictions do not affect record creation within these modules). However, for modules such as drug and alcohol testing and consultations, there is value in this segmentation.

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