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New locations not showing up for users: Enabling locations
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After adding a new location, you may find that you and your users cannot yet select it. This is because, as a new location it still needs to be enabled at a per user basis.

Segmentation between locations is important, and as such, a new location will not be automatically added to all users. Essentially, the location exists, but no users are enabled for it. Enabling the locations is done on a per-user basis. You need to go to Settings -> Users then locate the user for whom you'd like to enable that location.

Enabling location Steps:

1. Go to settings -> users

2. Locate the user for which you'd like to enable that location and click through.

3. Click on the 'Active locations' tab.

4. Turn on that user's rights for the location by checking the checkbox.

5. Click save.

This will enable that user for that location. This process is displayed below.

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