Location drop down not working (Ref #133982265)
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Bug Behaviour

This one is actually not a bug; we're currently phasing out the use of that location field as a tool and moving towards an organisational hierarchy view. However, there are some areas in Donesafe where the replacement location selectors are not yet functioning as expected which can make sorting through indexes such as plant and equipment and the chemical register difficult.

Workaround (Administrators Only)

The only known workaround for this is something that we would not necessarily recommend, but it will work. If you, as an admin remove your home location, this will re-enable the old, top-right location selector. This will only be necessary until the remaining location selectors are implemented, and by removing your home location it may have unexpected outcomes (for example, you may not appear in location driven people selectors). This will, however, re-enable the old selector.

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