Setting up User Collections
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First, What is a User Collection?

A 'User Collection' is a rule-based grouping of users that can be referred to throughout the platform for use in systems such as Workflows, Automations, Form Wizards and the KPI module.

The advantage of using 'User Collections' is that it allows you to discreetly group certain users based on rules rather than requiring you to change things like their Role in order to target them specifically. For example, user collection allows you to say:

I'd like to target users with the Role "Worker", in the location "Sydney City Office", with the tag "Fire Warden".

When to use User Collections:

When setting up your account, there's really no need to go and build User Collections in advance. Generally, you're best to build them as the immediate need arises. So for example, if you're setting up workflows and you want to make it so that only Managers are allowed to advance to the next step, go and create a User Collection for managers.

How to build a User Collection:

Let's take a look at building a basic User Collection. For this example, I'd like to build a collection based on the following criteria:

My collection will contain users were ALL of the following are true.

Role = Worker

Location = Sydney City Office (or a location you have set up)

Tag = Fire Warden (or a tag you have set up)


NOTE: Some sections of Donesafe have a 'Quick User Collection' feature. If you're using this feature, you can skip to Step 3, OR if you'd like to use this collection multiple times follow from Step 1.

  1. Go to Settings and click on the User Collections link.

2. Click [+Add]

3. Give your User Collection a Name

4. Using the rule builder, define the following rules:

 (If you need any help with the Rule Builder, make sure you check out the Using the Donesafe Rule Set Builder (Beginner) article)

5. Click [Save]

And you're done! You'll now see this user collection in any sections of the platform that uses them.

Again it's entirely up to how many collections you set up; and just to reiterate; you're much better off doing this as the need arises; but using the process outlined above along with good location, roles and potentially tagging setup, you can set up user collections that target your entire company, or just one person in one location. It's entirely up to you.

By the way, if you'd like to learn how to use 'Quick User Collections' to target locations dynamically based on the location of a record,  click here to read the article.

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