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404 Errors are a common web error that are shown when a user is trying to access a page that a) does not exist, b) has been moved or c) they do not have access to.

If you're experiencing one within Donesafe it will usually be because you do not have access rights to the record or page that you're trying to access. If you feel that this is in error, please contact your system administrator.

The majority of these cases will occur because you are not enabled in the location to which that record is attached.

To illustrate this with an example; if it's an incident that occurred in "Sydney Head Office", but you don't have view rights for that location you will occasionally be served a 404 error when trying to access an action related to it. To resolve this, you can request that your system administrator goes to your user profile, clicks on the 'Active Locations' tab and enables you (as per the example) for "Sydney Head Office". This will usually resolve the access issue. If it does not, please contact support.

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