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Error 413 Entity Too Large error when uploading files. (Ref ##134235479)
Error 413 Entity Too Large error when uploading files. (Ref ##134235479)
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Bug Behaviour

With some users, uploading an image or file can return a "Error 413 Entity Too Large" error.

Though Donesafe does not place any reasonable restrictions on file uploads in regards to size, some users have reported seeing errors when uploading documents and images.

Bug Workaround

Until the cause of this issue is identified, many users have had success with uploading files by following these steps:

  1. Reduce the file size by saving it at a lower quality or lower resolution.
    If this does not work:

  2. Try renaming the smaller sized file and attempt re-uploading.

Though this is not ideal, it will provide a short term solution until the larger issue is resolved.

If following these steps still does not resolve your issue please report your issue to support.

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