Bug Behaviour

When submitting a new report where you've added a new contact in the "Reported By" or "Reported To" field, on clicking save you receive an Error 500 warning and the report doesn't save.

Bug Solution

This bug arises when an account administrator has removed or edited out a core role: "No Rights User". It's the role "No Rights User" that Donesafe will automatically designate new contacts to when added during a new report. Though Roles can't be deleted, they can be renamed and if a role called "No Rights User" cannot be found the system returns a Error 500 message.

To fix this issue have an account administrator:

1) Check the roles in Settings -> Roles

2) If there is no role called "No Rights User", add a role with that name.

This has been proven to re-enable the ability to add contacts during new reports. If this does not resolve your issue, please notify support.

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