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Bulk uploading users in Donesafe
Bulk uploading users in Donesafe

Step by Step - How to bulk upload users in your system

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Let's take a look on how to bulk upload users in Donesafe.

To start, go to Admin settings section, click on Users and go over to Bulk Import 

To bulk upload your users, you need to upload them in a csv file. 

To get a template for that csv file, simply click on User button.

Read the CSV template manual below for explanations on each of the fields:

Template Manual

  • external_uuid - The unique identifier of the record (can use email if importing user)

  • created_at - Creation of record (leave blank if you want it to be set to current time and date) Format: DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS

  • email - The email address in Donesafe acts as your ID so it does need to be unique. If you do have multiple users with the same email address, I'd recommend either putting in a placeholder email address or giving him a new email address. 

  • first_name - First name of the user

  • last_name - Last name of the user

  • password - Password of the user (minimum 8 characters).

  • manager - Manager of the user. If the user have multiple managers and multiple levels of management, choose the most direct manager. Format: {Existing email address} or {email:Existing email address} or {payroll_id:Exising payroll id}, or {new:first_name/last_name/email} Example: test@test.test email:test@test.test payroll_id:234er-ert34-erte34-ertee new:john/shepherd/

  • role - The role needs to line up with the roles you set-up in the settings section of Donesafe, make sure it's the same spelling and case. Format: {Existing name of an role} Example: Manager. 

  • home_location - Name or external uuid of the home location of the record. This need to line up with your locations in Donesafe. Format: {Existing name or external uuid of a location} Example: Pyrmont Branch external_uuid:UID7376812

  • home_organization - Name or external uuid of the home organization of the record. Format: {Existing name or external uuid of an organization} Example: Payroll Division external_uuid:UID7376812

  • title - Title of the user

  • position - Position of the user. The Position can essentially be anything in just describes the position within the company

  • gender - Gender of the user which is Male of Female. Be careful to use the full word as simply using M or F can upset the system. 

  • mobile - Mobile of the user

  • payroll_identifier - Payroll identifier of the user

  • date_of_birth - Date of Birth Format: DD-MM-YYYY

  • notifications - Turn on notifications Format: For true: true, t, Y, yes, Yes For false: false, f, N, no, No

  • active - Make the record active or inactive Format: For true: true, t, Y, yes, Yes For false: false, f, N, no, No

  • This is important - make sure you don't leave any cells blank when you're uploading this file as it can cause your upload to fail. If you're lacking information, just place a placeholder text there in the meantime, you could always change it later but you will be saving yourself a headache now.

When your csv file is ready, drop the file or click the button to upload and choose the csv file to upload.

Wait until the csv file has been uploaded -

Then click on Import button.

There you have it, you now know how to bulk upload users in Donesafe.

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