Donesafe supports single sign on (SAML) through Azure. If you require setup with a different platform OR if you aren't familiar with Azure or SAML, you'll need to contact Setting up single sign on for your organisation in Donesafe requires two primary steps:

A. Request configuration with Donesafe.

B. Complete your configuration in Azure.

A. Request Configuration with Donesafe.

Request setup by emailing

B. Complete your Configuration in Azure

This process is described below:

  1. Login to your Azure Portal
  2. Click on Azure Active Directory

3. Click on 'App Registrations'

4. Click on Add

5. Enter the details: (the most important part is [the sign on URL provided by Donesafe].)

6. Go to [the sign on URL provided by Donesafe]. If you see the dashboard as below, then you're done!

Please provide SAML 2.0 metadata XML to Donesafe.

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