Enable permissions for a single module.
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If you've recently turned on a new module in Donesafe (as described here), you might notice that you can't actually use it yet! This is because you likely don't have your permissions for that module set up.

Let's say that you've recently enabled the 'Course Management' module. You now need to enable your own permissions in able to actually use it. The same applies if you'd like any of your team to be able to use it as well.

For now, we'll just look at giving yourself admin style permissions for the new module (but don't forget to enable it for other roles in lesser capacities if necessary).

  1. Go to Settings > Roles

  2. Click on the role rules for your Role. (eg, "Admin")

  3. Scroll down to the table where each of the modules are listed and locate the module you'd like to enable rules for. 

  4. Give yourself full Create, View, Edit and Deletion rights. (the example below shows Course Enrollments with full uninhibited rights)

5. Be aware that different modules, have different role options, occasionally with more or less items. If you'd like a more in depth understanding of how roles work, make sure to check out these articles Role Permissions in Brief and Role Permissions in Depth.

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