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Uploading a SCORM file.

If you’re unfamiliar with SCORM, SCORM is a common e-learning platform that allows testing and scoring in a slideshow style format. To be clear, Donesafe, like all LMSs, does not allow you to create SCORM files; it just hosts and deploys them. There are many SCORM authoring programs available out there including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Trivantis Lectora. SCOcRM packages are uploaded in a single zip file to Donesafe. To upload a SCORM course:

  1. Go to Settings, scroll down to ‘Learn’ and click on ‘SCORM’ courses.

2. Click the [+ Add] button.

3. Enter your Course Title, provide a description and upload your SCORM package ZIP file. When you’re done, click [Save]

Once you click save, the SCORM course will begin uploading. Be aware that depending on the size of the file (which has a max size of 50mb), this upload can take a while and it may be worth avoiding doing so on slow connections because of this. Once the upload process has successfully completed, you’ll be returned the SCORM course screen. You should now see your SCORM course in the course list.

Now that this is complete, this SCORM file can be referenced by any number of ‘Course Enrollments’ that you like. To add this SCORM course to a Course Enrollment, you’ll need to go back to Settings and create a new ‘LMS Course’.

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