Instructions for setting up ADFS as a SAML Identity Provider for Donesafe

1. Add a relying party trust in AD:

2. Configure the relying party manually

3. Set Display name to "Donesafe".

4. Add ADFS profile

5. Leave default settings on next screen and just click “next”:

6. Enable SAML 2.0.
 The Service URL will be the address of your Donesafe account, with /federation/saml/callback appended to it, e.g.

7. Set the relaying party trust identifier to “donesafe”

8. Do not configure multi-factor authentication:

9. Permit all users to access the relying party:

10. Select the “edit claim rules” checkbox, and close the dialog:

11. Click on “Add Rule”:

12. Select “Send LDAP Attributes as Claims”:

13. Select Email Address:

14. Once the RPT is complete, select Properties->Actions->Advanced and set SHA-1 as the hash algorithm:

Please provide SAML 2.0 metadata XML to Donesafe.

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