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How to customize your platform

Step by step: How to change your look and logo

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Step by step on how to change the look and logo of your platform. 

Configuring your look and logo in Donesafe is easy once you know how.

Start by navigating the look and logo section in 'Admin' settings in the top right hand corner of your screen. Here you will find a list of options, select 'Look and Logo'.

Here you'll see the default dashboard set-up.

You can customize the header colors here:

You can customize the account logo and email logo here:

The Account Logo changes the logo in the top left of your screen.
The Email Logo changes the Email logo for any notification sent up by Donesafe.

The ideal logo sizes are can be found below -
Account Logo -  80 pixels wide x 50 pixels height
Email Logo - 130 pixels wide x 50 pixels height

Remember that the account logo is going to be quite small at the top left hand side of the screen. To get the best results, if you have a logo with large bold letters or if you use an icon like this:
Great logo example -

A logo like this will probably look too small as a primary logo - 

So for that, we will go for the icon.

The email logo is larger meaning you can use any logo.

To customize, start by uploading your account logo, then upload your email logo, and hit save. You can see that the logo at the top left hand-side of the screen has now updated.

You can customize button colors here:

You can customize the dashboard graph colors here:

For the colors, there are number of color tools to help you find the right color. Two good options are the w3schools color picker app which allows you to select colors and then fill it in to the exact color that you want in order to copy that hexadecimal code. The other tool that we recommend is the imagecolorpicker which allows you to upload an image and then simply click on the section of the image to find the correct color. 

Its that easy, you now have your company logos added to your account and email notifications as well as matching your company colours to the system. 

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