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Bulk Uploading Organizations
Bulk Uploading Organizations

Step by step: How to bulk upload your organizations

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Let's take a look on how to bulk upload organizations in Donesafe.

To start, go to Admin Settings section, click on Import 

Then click on Add button.

To bulk upload organizations, you need to upload them in a csv file.

To get a template for that csv file, simply click on Organization button.

Then read the CSV template manual below for explanations on each of the fields:

Template Manual

  • external_uuid - The unique identifier of the record (can use email if importing user)

  • created_at - Creation of record (leave blank if you want it to be set to current time and date) Format: DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS

  • name - The name of organization

  • level - Level of the record

  • parent_organization - Name or external uuid of the parent organization of the record Format: {Existing name or external uuid of an organization} Example: Payroll Division external_uuid:UID7376812

  • active - Make the record active or inactive Format: For true: true, t, Y, yes, Yes For false: false, f, N, no, No

  • The good thing with this is that you don't need to fill in every field as long as you have the Name, you're set. If you do want to input parent organization, make sure that you place the parent organization at the top of the list in their order of hierarchy or have them edited manually first. Furthermore, ensure that if you do link an organization into a parent organization that you match the spelling and case exactly.

When your csv file is ready, drop the file or click the button to upload and choose the csv file to upload.

Wait until the csv file has been uploaded 

Then click on Import button.

There you have it, you now know how to bulk upload organizations in Donesafe.

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