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Creating a new LMS course
Creating a new LMS course

Step by step on how to create a new LMS course

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An LMS course is a template that allows you to facilitate learning online. It can be made up of any number of Videos, Knowledge Base Articles and SCORM courses. Today, we’re going to load a new SCORM course package in Donesafe. 

If you are trying to troubleshoot referencing a Knowledge Base Articles and Videos into your training packages, scroll down to Part 3.

Part 1 - Loading the SCORM Package

The first piece is to have your SCORM zip file ready to load. 

  1. Go to Admin Settings, Click on “SCORM Courses”

 2.  Click the [+Add] button.

3. Load the file and give it a name and score (100 will be fine). Click “Save” once you have finished

Part 2 - Establishing the LMS Course For Selection

  1. Go to Admin Settings, scroll down to ‘Learn’ and click on ‘LMS Courses’

     2.  Click the [+Add] button.

     3.  Place the details of the course in the pop up box and select the appropriate course. Click “Update” upon loading

Part 3: Loading your SCORM package in your course

The important part before being able to select the SCORM course is to ensure your sub form creation has been a form setup with ”Auto Scoring”. If it hasn’t, this wont allow the system to provision for the SCORM course question selection. 

Please check your sub form to ensure it has Auto Scoring. This also applies for Knowledge base articles as well as videos as these are “Scored” based questions.

  1. Loading your SCORM, Knowledge Base Article or Video will now appear as a “Scored” question.

2.  Depending what option you have chosen will give you a selection box at the bottom where you can choose the relevant course/ article/ added link

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