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Organization, Location and User Data Files - CSV Template Manual
Organization, Location and User Data Files - CSV Template Manual

Setting up your company in Donesafe

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At Donesafe, there are three key sets of data which make up the building blocks of your Donesafe environment. These are:

  1. Organizations

  2. Locations

  3. Users

In order to establish these building blocks in your environment and provide you with clear and meaningful reporting in the future, we will provide you with a Template CSV file to complete for each data set. These templates will need to be populated, reviewed and loaded to your Donesafe test environment before we begin customising your modules.

It is critical that these files are completed in order, according to the specifications outlined in this manual.

If the data files are not correct when they are sent for review, we will provide feedback and ask that you adjust files. It will be your responsibility to make the necessary adjustments, no matter how minor they may seem. This review and adjustment process will occur as many times as needed until your data sets are in the appropriate format.

It is important to note that you will need to load one (1) file for each data set, regardless of how many branches your company may have. If you have multiple organisations or branches within your company, we can work with you on how best to define these within the parameters of the Donesafe system.

There are three Golden Rules to remember when populating these files.

  1. Do not remove any columns from the template.
    If you do not have data to populate in a column, it should be left blank. All columns MUST be present or the data will not load to Donesafe.

  2. Do not change the order of any of the columns in the template.
    These must be kept in the specific sequence outlined in the template provided, or the data will not load to Donesafe.

  3. Do not change the format or spelling of any cell in the header row of the template.
    These values relate to specific values in your environment and if they are changed, the data will not load to the Donesafe system.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will give you a hand. In the following sections of this document, we will go through the specific requirements for each data set to help you get started in your Donesafe environment.


Within Donesafe, your Organization data outlines the departmental hierarchy within your company.

Think of Organization data like your organisation structure chart. An organisation structure chart could have multiple levels with teams feeding into departments, departments feeding into divisions, divisions feeding into regions or executive teams and so on. Alternately, your organisation structure chart could be flat, with teams interrelating on the same layer, purely feeding into the organisation’s executives.

A blank Organization CSV template file can be found in the Templates folder of the CSV Template Manual zip folder.


Within Donesafe, your Location data outlines the physical locations that you would like to be able to report on in the system.

Locations can be as broad as the street address of a building, or more tightly defined such as a meeting room on a certain level of the building, the security office in the dock of the building or any combination of these. We recommend that you spend some time thinking about the different places you would like to report on, and how detailed your reporting needs to be, and then decide how you would like to define your locations. 

A blank Location CSV template file can be found in the Templates folder of the CSV Template Manual zip folder.


Within Donesafe, your User data identifies all of your staff, contractors and other associated persons within your Donesafe environment. 

Similarly to the Organization data set, the User data set is also like your organisation structure chart with one main difference. Where your Organization data outlines the relationships between teams, departments and divisions within your company, the User data outlines the relationship between the user, their manager, where they are located physically and the team, department or division they work in. 

A blank User CSV template file can be found in the Templates folder of the CSV Template Manual zip folder.

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